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4 Orlando Theme Park Snacks Not to Be Missed

The best way to break up your day in the Orlando theme parks is to take a snack break! It’ll make your day just that little bit tastier, so here’s our list of snacks that aren’t to be missed…

#1 Mickey’s Ice Cream Bar from Magic Kingdom

icecreamOh the perfect treat for a hot summer day or any day in fact, especially with the Orlando weather! It’s one of those snacks that are just too good to miss! A great snack for the kids (and adults) as it’s shaped like the big mouse himself!


#2 Brownie Paw from Animal Kingdom

The brownie paw is one of our favourites! A rich brownie covered in chocolate frosting and buttercream with a little chocolate paw placed on top. A great snack to break up and make the long days so much tasiter! You can find this at Kusafiri Bakery in Animal Kingdom.

#3 Turkey Leg from Epcot

epcot-turkeylegYou’ve probably heard about this already… The famous Disney World Turkey Leg! We love how juicy it is, yummmm, but be warned, it’s a big snack and will take you some time to get though it and there is just no nice way of eating it… But you’ll want to eat it all, as the smokey taste will leave you craving more!


#4 Churro’s from Universal Studios

churrosThe famous Mexican delight! The first time we tried this sugary goodness was at Universal Studios, and my, it’s made us want more! Coated in brown sugar and cinnamon, this deep fried dough doesn’t sound like the best snack, but once you’ve had one, it’s another that going to leave you wanting more… Oh, we wish we had a bowl of them!

BONUS: Dippin Dots from Busch Gardens

dippdotsOh, we couldn’t resist putting these on as a bonus!!! We absolutely love these little dots of cold, refreshing goodness! They come in so many flavours, including Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and even Oreo!!!! Yes, Oreo in little dots of ice cream… They come in a little pot with a small spoon, so it’s a great snack to give the children in strollers!


Ideas & Research by: Sarah Gregson
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