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Packing for the Parks? A Few Top Tips…

We all like to pack a bag to take the parks – maybe it’s for those essentials that you need or maybe you’re trying to save money. We’ve compiled a quick list of things to remember while packing your bag.

1. Pack Light


A key thing to remember is to always pack lightly. You’re going to be in the parks most of the day, and the parks are a massive place. You’re going to want to take a bag that you can easily carry and one that is fairly lightly packed. We recommend looking at rucksacks that can be easily placed on your back and carried around the parks.

2. Bag Checks at Security


When you enter most of the theme parks in Orlando your bags will be checked at a security check point. This is mostly to check for weapons, however some theme parks have rules on food and drink so security at those parks will be looking for those too! At Universal Orlando Resort the security check point is before you enter CityWalk on the bridge walkway that joins all the car parks together, which means once you are checked there you are free to hop between parks without any further checks. For Disney and SeaWorld parks, there are security bag checks at every park that you visit, meaning you will need to show your bag at every park.

3. Food and Drink

Picnic Food

Food and drink is always a talking point for guests to the parks, so if you’re planning to save money by bringing food to the parks with you then this is the part for you.

Universal Orlando Resort specifically prohibit picnic lunches, any food that requires heating or refrigeration, hard-sided coolers and any soft-sided coolers that are larger than 8.5” wide, 6” high, and 6” deep. They allow bottled water, small snacks, baby food and food required for medical purposes.

Walt Disney World are a bit more lenient, allowing you to take food and drink into the parks if you wish. Size restrictions for coolers at Disney are to be no larger than 24” long, 15” wide, and 18” high.

At Animal Kingdom, SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens there are special rules with regards to food and drink. Straws, drink lids and other items such as juice boxes and cartons are prohibited in these parks for the protection of the wildlife.

None of the parks allow you to bring in glass bottles or alcoholic beverages.

4. Bags and Rides


The rides and attractions are why you’re heading to the theme parks in the first place, so make sure if you’re wanting to go on them, you have a backup plan for your bag. Most rides at Universal prevent you from taking bags on with you, however, most of the bigger rides provide you with free lockers for a set amount of time to allow you to ride and keep your belongings safe.

For the rides at Disney, most allow you to take your belongings onto the ride with you, and some rides even provide a pouch to place your handbag, purse, sunglasses, etc. However, be aware that when stashing things in those pockets, it’s extremely easy to get to into the ride and forget about your belongings, so use them with caution!

5. Remember the Little Things

Wallet - Money

Don’t forget the things you need for the parks! You’re going to need your tickets, some sun screen, hats, money and a camera for those special moments! Keep these items safe and secure, preferably in a waist bag as the crowds can be very busy and things can be easily lost.

*If you’re taking a hat, don’t forget that on the fast rides you can lose them easily, and a lot of the time you can’t get them back!

If you’ve got any tips for packing for the parks, let us know and share your tips with us on Facebook or Twitter or e-mail suggestions to

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