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‘Dig: Escape The Room’ Attraction Opens for Limited Time at Universal Studios

Escaping the hustle and bustle of Orlando might seem like a great idea, so why not check out Dig: Escape The Room at Universal Studios.

Guests are invited to take part in the new attraction, where they’ll be locked into a room and given interactive puzzles designed to help them escape.

It is placed next to the Disaster! Ride in Universal Studios and allows from four to 10 people to enter at one given time.

The plain themed attraction features plenty of locks and props to get hands-on with in order to help you make the great escape!

During it’s first day the attraction filled all it’s time slots within a couple of hours of the park being open, so guests wanting to take part should book in as early as possible.

The placement of the attraction raises questions whether Universal are looking to place a similar attraction for a longer period of time or even for limited events such as Halloween Horror Nights.

To book a reservation slot, visit the¬†Studio Audience Center (located to the right of the turnstiles at Universal Studios), but be quick as it’s only there until March 8!

What do you think of the attraction? Have you tried to escape the room? Join the conversation on Twitter and our Facebook Group and let us know!

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