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UK Driving License Changes Could Cause Havoc on Car Hire in Orlando

UK Drivers License Changes

If you’re heading to Orlando anytime this summer (or after) and thinking about hiring a car – be warned, as things are about to change.

After 8 June this year the DVLA are no longer going to be sending your paper counterpart with your license, instead opting for using an online system.

For the more seasoned travellers who hire cars, you will know that this is the part you need to take with you to complete your car hire, and without it, you can’t.

However, the DVLA have opened up a new service online, Share My License, in which drivers can apply for a one-time code to share their license endorsements with hire companies wherever they are.

The restriction with this system is that once you have applied for the one-time access code, it must be used within 72 hours, so only do it a day before you go on holiday.

If however, you cannot get your code, the hire company can call the DVLA’s premium rate number to get the details they need, however, the hours of operation are very restrictive, especially with time differences.

For more information on the new Share My License service, check out the video below..


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