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3 MyMagic+ Updates to Make Your Holiday Faster

There’s been a few changes going on over at Disney recently – but you’d have to be blind not to the see the huge construction zones everywhere – anyway, we’re not talking about the big changes, but more the little changes that are aiming to make a difference to everyones holidays.

We’re talking about the changes that have been going on behind the scenes with MyMagic+ and My Disney Experience, particularly the following…

1. Touch ID is now available for My Disney Experience on iPhone

Yes – you can finally log in to My Disney Experience with just your fingerprint.. Gone are the days where you needed to remember your password to log in! Hallelujah, finally apps are beginning to use this system!

To activate this system, you simply need to re-login to the My Disney Experience App and select ‘Touch ID” in the login screen as shown below.



2. Find PhotoPass Locations with My Disney Experience

Disney have just added the feature to find PhotoPass locations in every Disney park, so if you’re wanting photos to add to your Memory Maker (included in all 2016 tickets, don’t forget..) then this is definitely worth looking at. You can find the locations by clicking “Filter” on the Map view and selecting PhotoPass.


3. MagicBands on Demand

Are you one of those Disney geeks that are tired of MagicBands cluttering up your house? Well not anymore! If you’ve visited Disney within the last year, they now offer you the option to skip out on receiving a new MagicBand on your next visit, instead activating your old band with your latest ticket. So for those of you like us, who have multiple MagicBands laying around the house (or office), this is a great new feature!


So, as you can see, not quite as big news as what is set to come within the Disney parks, but still some interesting updates nevertheless..

What do you think to the updates to MyMagic+? Useless or helpful? Join the conversation on our Facebook Group and let us know!


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