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We know that tipping in Orlando can be quite difficult for those of us that aren’t used to it, however, it is important that you leave most people that serve you a tip as this is where they make their money.

We’ve put together a little downloadable guide on how to tip in Orlando which you can print off and stick in your wallet, purse or lanyard so you have easy access to information on how to tip.


Download Our Holiday Tipping Guide Here

You can also click and hold the image below and save to your mobile so you’ve always got it.

This is what we think you should be leaving as a tip…


When you get to your hotel, tip the taxi driver up to 15-20% of your total fare. If you are paying on card
and are with Mears Taxi’s then this will be an option on the machine. If you are taking a shuttle, tip $1-2 per person in your family.

At the hotel, it is customary to use the Bellman’s service, if you do however, we recommend leaving around $1-2 per bag he takes for you and should you use the concierge services, we recommend leaving $5-10 for their effort in helping you.

For the maids, we recommend leaving $1 per person per day – it is worth leaving this every day as there is a different maid cleaning your room daily.

For room service, we recommend leaving a 15% tip, however, check your bill when you get it as they might have already added on a room service charge.


In restaurants you have to remember that the service staff are given a lower start wage than anyone else. This is typically around $5 per hour, so they heavily rely on you tipping them for their service.

For waiters, we recommend leaving 15-20% of your bill, we usually recommend about 18% but it’s totally up to you whatever you leave for them. They do have to tip other people that work in the restaurant alongside them, this is a process called tipping out, so please remember this if you are leaving a lower tip.

For bartenders we recommend leaving 15% of the final bill, and if they’ve given you incredible service, then definitely up to 20%.

REMEMBER: If there is a problem with the service you have received or a problem with your food, ask to see a manager, do not leave the restaurant simply without tipping.


If you are taking an external tour while you are in Orlando, we recommend tipping the guide around $1-2 per person in your family per day.

If there is a tour manager while on your tour, we recommend tipping him around $5 per person per day.

You can download our handy tip guide below, which also includes a quick way to see how much you should be leaving based on the total amount of the bill.

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