Why We Love Manchester Airport’s Fast Track Security (and Why You Will Too!)

We’re off on holiday, we’ve got our bags packed, car parked and are at the check-in desk staring longingly at the security queue and filling with envy at those already on the other side – and I know we’re definitely not alone in thinking that!

Luckily, we are flying from Manchester airport and managed to book Fast Track security in advance – meaning those days of queueing up for hours on end to clear security are long gone, and we’ve cleared the security checkpoint in less than 10 minutes and are spending more of our time (and our hard earned cash!!) in the duty free shops!


Some of you may already have heard of this, but for those of you who have not…

For the bargain price of just £4 per person you can zoom your way through security with the Fast Track Manchester Airport pass, helping you spend less time in the long security queues and more time relaxing in the lounges and cafes/bars and is great thing to have if you’re travelling in the busy times of the year.

The Fast Track pass must be purchased in advance, meaning you can’t turn up on your travel day and pay to Fast Track.

To book it, simply click here, print your voucher and take it with you when you head to the security gate.

We have done this for the last two years as have many of the bloggers here at and in our opinion it starts your holiday off on the right track… The Fast Track!

By Wendy Willis

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