5 Significant Updates Coming to Disney’s FastPass+

Beginning April 10th there will be some significant changes to the FastPass+ system that is currently used in all Walt Disney World parks, here’s what to expect.

1. Additional FastPass+

This isn’t what it looks like… More FastPass+ options will only be available in the parks just like they are now, however, guests will no longer have to visit the FastPass+ kiosks that are currently in the parks. You’ll simply be able to book an extra FastPass+ in park via the MyDisneyExperience app on your mobile device!

2. You won’t have to pick 3 FastPass+ options

You’ll simply be able to pick between 1 and 3 options when you first book your FastPass+. Gone are the days where you have to book 3 FastPass+ options or nothing!

3. Choose your time

With the new system you’ll also be able to choose a time to visit the attraction that you want to visit instead of hoping that the time you want to visit will be suggested by the app in the next screen…

4. Remove guests from reservation

You’ll also be able to remove individual guests from your FastPass+ reservation instead of having to keep them on the reservation through fear of losing your own reservation!

5. Cancel a single FastPass+ reservation

You’ll now be able to cancel a single FastPass+ reservation in the app instead of having to cancel and lose all 3 reservations that you made previously.

I’m sure you’re with us in thinking that these changes are definitely a good thing to help make Disney a lot better experience for all the family – we love that we can now cancel FastPass+ options without losing the whole lot!

What do you think to the changes? Join us on our social media profiles (below) and let us know!

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