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GBP pound hits 1.42 against US dollar – should I buy my holiday money now?

Wow wow wow! It’s the first time we’ve seen this in just over a year – the pound is significantly up against the dollar.

We’ve seen some pretty horrible rates over the last year and it’s been heavily fluctuating across the year, but it looks like we’ve just hit an all time high in over a year.

Looking on Revolut currently, the rate is stable at around 1.42 and on FairFX, it’s at 1.39. It’s definitely a good time for you to lock in your dollars at those prices.

If you’re looking for high street exchange rates, Thomas Cook are currently offering a whopping 1.40 for a pound.

On Revolut, you could get $713 for £500 on your pre-paid card and at Thomas Cook you could get $700.55 for £500 in cash – so it’s definitely a good time to lock in at those prices.

If you don’t have Revolut, we’d definitely recommend downloading it and getting your card to get the dollars at this price. Revolut is a multi-currency pre-paid card which allows you to top up and exchange money at todays rate and benefit from any spike in exchange rate.

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